Rachel Barnes, Head of Collaboration at Ashurst Advance delves into the agile approach asking, are you getting the benefits of an adaptive organisation? How is an agile approach benefiting you and your team? And are you leveraging an agile approach to continually adapt?

An agile approach to developing new solutions or ways of working is not new, however, it is also something that we are still not seeing being effectively utilised. Now more than ever, adaptability is crucial. Not only with the shock for many people of a transformation to their ways of working, but also with the looming economic impacts, embracing the situation and creating ways of swiftly testing and adapting new approaches will facilitate and, hopefully, lessen the impact.

To stay competitive and maintain relevance to our customers, be they internal or external, it is essential to be continually adapting to and developing new ways of working, new solutions to challenges and new means of delivering service. However a lot of people we speak to struggle to take the time out to step back from the day to day firefighting, let alone have time (or expertise) to identify challenges, and design and test solutions. In fact, something we are hearing is that leaders are under pressure to bring about transformation, but with little or no budget.

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