Industry Insights: Transform client processes for future success

In this report, in partnership with AccountancyManager, learn about how to transform client processes for future success.

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease, what will the future look like and what part will technology play. At a recent Accountancy Hangout the discussion moved to what is next for the accountancy practice as we delve into how we retain the new ways of working and the momentum that has gathered, and look at what is essential when it comes to supporting both employees and clients in this journey.

The starting point of most discussions at the Hangouts is employees. How best to support them and make them as efficient as possible in their work environment. And as the country moves towards re-opening the office, the debate is no different. Office safety and social distancing measures dictate a reduced office capacity, which for Andrew Yearsley, Chief Technology Officer at Bishop Fleming is around 20-30% capacity of their workforce in the office at any one time, compared to 80-90% previously.

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