The possibilities and potential that technology is offering to the legal industry seem to be growing by the day and with this growth comes opportunity. However, the implementation of new technologies can be an area of challenge, often delivering results that don’t meet expectations.

Some common causes for this “failure” are shown in the fishbone/Ishikawa below;


When implementing a new technology the people element is perhaps the most critical. This will begin with leaders “walking the walk” and demonstrating expected behaviors. Good leaders will communicate with their teams both increasing buy in ( understanding the why and the how) and reducing worry. A good change management approach is essential and will cover all of these elements and more.


All too often the wrong technology is selected which will result in a frustrating failed and costly implementation attempt. Causes for this vary but can often be avoided by not “Buying the Brochure content” and through accurate internal scoping of current state. “Brochure” content can be avoided by using peer reviews & Go and Sees which give an accurate view of the technologies way of working and capabilities in “real time” allowing this to be compared with your own Function methods and needs.

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