Version 1.3.0 of TimeCapcha, our popular time recording mobile app for leading professional services firms, is now available.

Designed to meet the time recording demands of leading accounting and legal firms, the mobile app connects to the TimeCapcha cloud service using Microsoft Azure technology to integrate to a firm’s practice management system.

Performance enhancements include timesheet and rate entries that automatically refresh with their status.

Discover the benefits of mobile timesheets

Available on iOS or Android a mobile solution such as TimeCapcha offers real-time access to information ensuring successful billing. Being able to complete a timesheet between meetings or on the move becomes second nature.

Because status is automatically refreshed, it allows accountants and lawyers more time spent identifying opportunities and developing key client relationships.

Installing TimeCapcha Version 1.3.0

TimeCapcha Version 1.3.0 is distributed via the Apple or Google app stores.

Where auto-update is set on devices, the mobile application will update automatically. Current users should check their device update history to ensure that the app store has updated the application to Version 1.3.0.

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