Industry Insights: Automating and driving legal team efficiency in the new working environment

In this report with ContractPodAi, learn about how to automate and drive legal team efficiency in the new working environment.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, our recent In House Hangout turned its attention to the legal team’s position on agile working, and discussed where technology can add value in both the current day to day running of the team as well as once the move back to the office is underway.

The ability to work effectively is critical to any organisation, never more so than when it comes to agile working. It’s fair to say that technology has played an essential part in this dynamic, and the move to home working doesn’t appear to have caused a discernible drop in employee productivity. When questioned on effectiveness, Andrew Mills, Legal Director UK&I at Experian felt that his team were able to work at 100% capacity when it came to agile working.

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