Industry Insights: Culture, Upskilling and Digital Transformation across In-House Legal

In this report, in partnership with Apperio, learn about culture, upskilling and digital transformation across in-house legal.

As home working continues and office re-opening seems a somewhat distant ideal, where does that leave us when it comes to technology and working practices? At one of our recent In House Hangouts, the discussion focused on digital transformation, the part it has played in the move to home working, the impact on employees, and how the positive momentum could be and should be, retained.

Across the board, it seems that employees have adjusted well to the move to home working. Many companies already had elements of flexible working in place, from those that were fully remote to those with a partly dispersed workforce. Even where there was an office-based policy, robust business contingency plans have enabled a seamless transfer to home working with employees adapting well to the demands. And with lockdown restrictions continuing, it appears flexible working is here for the foreseeable future.

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