Industry Insights: Using data for effective planning in the lockdown era

In this report in partnership with Unit4, learn how to use data for effective planning in the lockdown era.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, this Accountancy Hangout turned its attention to the future of the business and the part technology can play in understanding and defining the way forward for employees, clients and the firm itself.

As we come out of lockdown and with economic uncertainty in play, there is likely to be consolidation across all markets, and the accountancy sector is no different. The lockdown has certainly exposed vulnerabilities, and there are certain practice areas where the work practically disappeared overnight.

While the situation can seem daunting, understanding the impact and the risk to specific areas of the business is a crucial first step in focusing on what really matters and where resources can be utilised in the best manner. What has become apparent for all, is that technology plays a part across the whole piece from supporting employees, to engaging with clients, and ultimately the success of the practice.

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