An interview with Head of Finance Blake Gaffney 

Blake Gaffney is the Head of Finance at international firm Schillings.   

Schillings is an international reputation and privacy consultancy that employs lawyers who specialise in reputation and privacy, risk consulting experts, cyber security and intelligence specialists. Like many other organisations, digital transformation is at the forefront of the company’s strategy, and within the finance function Blake has been implementing several big changes in the way his team works and the tools they use since joining the firm in 2017. 

For Blake, there are two key factors to consider from a digital transformation perspective for the finance function.  

“The first is that you have to have a fully-fledged practice management system working for you that integrates really well with time-recording and integrates with other systems in the business on people/HR and reporting, and a working solution on the CRM side so you can report client’s specific financial data side-by-side,” Blake says.  

The second area that he believes is critical is turning the finance function paperless – from basic tasks such as approving invoices and updating bank details – to more complicated pieces of work like viewing analysis dashboards and monthly results – the ability to do them online enables staff to view, edit and access their progress from anywhere in the world. 

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