You’ve built a solid business case and the benefits of digitalising your legal processes are clear, both in efficiency gains and even cost savings (if you’re implementing a legal spend management solution). Not only will the business benefit, but the day-to-day legal operations and processes are simplified so your team is more productive and spends less time on admin. The new legal software is a “no-brainer”. Despite this, you have user adoption and acceptance challenges. Many members of your team are still using the old processes. Why, when the benefits are so obvious, and how can you encourage your colleagues to use the new system?

Many change management blogs, including ones we have written in the past, concentrate on the build-up to implementation and how to get buy-in from stakeholders and users at all levels and around the business. These include ensuring that the project team is diverse, that the business need is documented before looking at the legal tech solutions, that requirements are reflective of those that will be using it, that scope doesn’t deviate too much from the initial business need, and that team members get to demo potential systems. All of this is important and contributes to a successful roll-out.

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