Learning from the Lockdown

We have all learned a lot from the lockdown – about ourselves, our families and our businesses. It’s important that even though there have been difficulties and challenges, we should emerge from lockdown with some positives from the experience.

As business people, we may have thought that we were prepared for the impact of disasters. Many of us had well defined business continuity plans that have been developed over time. But, we’ve probably all come to understand that even with our most thoughtful planning, we were not as prepared for the extent and the impact of the lockdown. It’s probably safe to say that most of us hadn’t anticipated a global pandemic with social isolation continuing for several months.

Working from home

Even if many of us work from home on a regular basis, we probably didn’t work full-time from home with no face-to-face real-world contact. And our plans probably hadn’t anticipated that our partners and extended families would also be in the same position, working from home or simply needing to be entertained/educated.

Whilst in normal situations, we may have already been set up to work from home for a few days, the speed with which we all had to set ourselves up to work remotely on a more permanent basis has caught many people off guard.

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Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess

HW Technology
Mark Burgess is HW Technology Director. Mark has worked for HW Technology for over 10 years and combines technical knowledge with business acumen to help clients maximise their investment in IT