Alternative In-House Hangout #3

During each of our Alternative Hangout sessions we pose a series of survey questions to participants. At our recent In-House session we heard from the following speakers:


How has budgeting been affected in relation to legal tech procurement?

During the Hangout Amy Brookbanks of Ocado said that a silver lining to the crisis has been the accelerated adoption of technology. With entire businesses shifting to working from home, virtually overnight, the reliance on technology has been evident and given more weight behind the argument for extra budget.

The audience reflected this with 43% of those polled stating that the original 2020 budgets for legal tech procurement are still in place. 47% of the audience indicated that they are facing either a partial restriction on spending or no spending allowed at all.

How would you rate your confidence in your firms security and governance systems in a remote working environment?

Current circumstances have meant that we have all become significantly more reliant on technology. Ranging from communicating, collaborating but also for more complex matters. In an agile environment, the ability to work effectively is essential, and the need for legal teams to work securely is imperative.

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