Social Distancing – the new normal

We are social animals and we generally enjoy the company of other people. So the concept of social distancing is a huge adjustment. And social isolation and shielding has been a shock to our normal way of life. But the virulence of COVID- 19 will continue to alter the way we live and work – until we find an effective vaccine.

As the lockdown restrictions begin to be eased and when we finally come of out isolation, we will still need to maintain a physical distance between ourselves and other people. We will still have to avoid handshakes and hugs, as well as getting too close to other people in the workplace, shops, public places and on public transport.

The return to the office

Working life may never be the same again. Sanitising stations throughout the office will be used extensively, particularly at entry points, reception areas, stairs, escalators and lifts. We’re going to think twice about things we never used to notice. Things such as using a touchscreen or keypad for office access; lift buttons; stair rails; internal doors (except fire doors) that can’t be pushed open without touching will need to be left open to avoid potential germs on door handles.

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Fraida Silver

Fraida Silver

HW Technology
Fraida Silver is currently Marketing Manager for HW Technology, a managed technology services firm specialising in IT systems for accountancy firms. Fraida has more than 25 years’ experience as a marketing professional and has worked for a variety of IT, professional services & outsourcing companies. She has worked for large global organisations such as EY, BAE Systems, CGI, Micro Focus & Cisco, as well as smaller, venture capital backed companies. Fraida’s extensive experience of strategic marketing enables firms to improve brand awareness, increase sales leads and gain significant market share.