Merging the old world with the new reality

It seems that the ‘work from home’ club has finally settled into a newly defined normal routine. The panic surrounding the remote move has dwindled, and working from home doesn’t seem so bad after all. In quite a short period of time, we are now referring to what our working lives were like a few weeks ago as ‘the old days’. So what has changed?

We can say with some clarity now that the debate from some folks about whether their teams can work from home is largely over. People may now expect a reasonable work from home (WFH) policy for many roles in the future. The Office for National Statistics recorded 5% of the total workforce working from home in 2019, whereas in the current climate, it is predicted that over 60% of people are now working from home. Business leaders will no doubt be more accepting of flexible and agile working going forward, now that they have been forced to make it work. This extraordinary climate has spring boarded the slow progress that was being made in this area (which was mainly dominated by start-ups or modern tech forward firms) and has therefore encouraged positive change and digital efficiency.

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Daniel Teacher

Daniel Teacher