Alternative Professional Services Tech Leaders Hangout #2 Survey

During each of our Alternative Hangout sessions we pose a series of survey questions to participants. At our first Professional Services Tech Leaders session we heard from the following speakers:


At each session we pose a number of survey questions to our audience. Here is what we asked them and how they responded:

1. Post lockdown, how do you envision the future business model for balancing remote and in-office working?


We have asked this questions at a number of our Hangouts and the majority of those surveyed have indicated that things will not return to normal post lockdown. 67% believe that there will be increased home working with employees having scheduled time in the office, 28% think there will be a 50-50 mix of home and office working and only 6% say that the majority of an employees time will be spent in the office.



2. During the Covid-19 crisis which things have been the most prevalent to look at:


We gave participants three options to choose from in regards to what they found the most prevalent for their business to look at during Covid-19. Both business continuity and reducing costs and improving efficiency received 39% of the votes with improving relationships with existing partners receiving 22%.

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