Covid-19 response is driving digital transformation

As we reflect on the team response across Carter Jonas to COVID-19, it’s been incredible to observe how technology has played such a vital role, and how our people have torn down cultural barriers to adopt new ways of working.

“Who led the digital transformation of your company? a) CEO b) CTO c) COO d) A Global Pandemic”

In 2015, I sat down with a member of our Management Board to outline what would become the basis of our agile working strategy. As a property consultancy business, we understood better than most the changes that were underway in the workplace. We could see the value in increasing our collaborative workspaces, hot-desking and how utilising technology to provide our people with information ‘on the go’ would increase the productivity and effectiveness of our teams.

This was also underpinned by the transition in 2018 to a Cloud first approach, ensuring our legacy systems were upgraded to cloud-based platforms. This ensured our workforce were able to benefit from the intrinsic nature of Cloud, remote and mobile services offered by web-based applications.

Throughout the last two years Carter Jonas’ cyber protection has been maturing, with the introduction of various accreditations and certifications from Cyber Essentials to ISO 27001. The information security governance has played an important part in ensuring our agile and cloud strategies would provide a robust platform, continuing to protect our information assets.

These three strategic pillars have provided the foundations for the successful IT and organisational response to COVID-19.

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Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer

Carter Jonas
Tim leads the IT department and has primary strategic responsibility to ensure that the IT Department and IT service provision aligns with the firm’s business objectives and that the firm is exploiting appropriate innovations in technology. Currently actively involved in the Carter Jonas Digital Transformation Programme.