Alternative In-House Hangout #2 Survey

During each of our Alternative Hangout sessions we pose a series of survey questions to participants. At our first In-House session we heard from the following speakers:


At each session we pose a number of survey questions to our audience. Here is what we asked them and how they responded:

1. Post lockdown, how do you envision the future business model for how we work?

65% of the GCs and Head of Legal Ops who attended the session said that there would be increased home working post Covid-19 with scheduled time in the office.

This is a theme that we are seeing across all sectors. This was followed by 29% of attendees saying they believe there will be a 50-50 mix of time spent at home and in the office.

Finally, only 6% of those surveyed said that, post Covid-19, things will go ‘back to normal’ with the majority of employees time spent in the office.


2. What element of the contract management process has been the most challenging during this time?

Jointly tied at the top of the answers were negotiations of new contracts and identifying relevant clauses in existing contracts with both receiving 48%.

Interestingly, 0% of respondents said that drafting new contracts were causing challenges at this time, only 10% said that the approval and execution of contracts electronically were causing issues.

However, 32% said that locating contracts was causing challenges to them and their wider teams.

3. During the Covid-19 crisis which things have been the most prevalent to look at?

The overwhelming majority responded to this question with business continuity as the top answers. This got 74% of the vote, this was followed by 22% of respondents saying that reducing costs and improving efficiency was the most important area of consideration.

Finally, 4% responded that improving relationships with existing partners was the top priority.



4. Now you have settled into WFH, how effective are you and your team? What % of work do you feel you in-house team can achieve whilst working remotely?

59% of the GCs and the Heads of Legal Ops who attended the Hangout said that they believed that 75% of work can be achieved effectively by remote working by their in-house team.

37% of attendees said that their in-house team worked 100% effectively and 4% said that their team worked at 50% efficiency whilst remote working.



5. What barriers have you and your team been experiencing whilst working remotely?

The top answer to this question with 50% of the vote was that gathering information from clients has been the the biggest barrier for In-house teams whilst remote working.

27% said that managing staff and tasks was a barrier and 23% said that internal communication was a barrier whilst working remotely.




6. Currently while in lockdown, how would you measure the comms and delivery performance of your panel firms?

41% of respondents said that they were receiving reduced service levels from their panel firms during the lockdown period.

50% said their service levels remained the same and 9% said that they were receiving an increased quality of service from their panel firms.