I first met Steve 20 or so years ago. A superb guy – a carpenter by trade but very versatile and multi skilled. He has superb talent and experience and can turn his hand to most things (not a fan of plumbing though which is fine as we have Craig). Trustworthy, honest and capable.

We very much get on. Steve oozes experience and when I am not around makes the right judgement calls and deals with issues for me. After 20 years we are now very loyal friends. Over the years there have been occasions when we have needed the other and have unconditionally supported each other. We have an unwritten code that I pay him immediately he does work and he does the same with his suppliers. If I need him urgently he makes it happen. In the past I have travelled a lot and it was made easier by knowing that if there were an issue Steve and his transit van would be there within an hour.

And so why am I telling you this? We are living through terrible times. Death and illness have brought huge pain and distress for many families. People have found containment hard (albeit our family have adapted much better than I thought they would).

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