Alternative Professional Services Tech Leaders Hangout #1 Survey

During each of our Alternative Hangout sessions we pose a series of survey questions to participants. At our first Professional Services Tech Leaders session we heard from the following speakers:


At each session we pose a number of survey questions to our audience. Here is what we asked them and how they responded:

1. What impact will the accelerated adoption of technology during the lockdown have on the number of people employed in your business in the next year?

Of the respondents 76% said that their business would employ a similar number of people in their business in the next year. However, 20% of believed that there would be cuts made to staff numbers lowering the overall number of employees. 4% of those surveyed said that their business would have more employees.



2. Do you think that your technology departments will maintain the momentum on technology innovation once the lockdown ends?


The overwhelming majority (92%) said that they expected tech momentum to continue once

the lockdown ended. This result falls in line with the other industries we have surveyed including Law Firms, In-House Legal Teams, Real Estate &

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