Introduction to the “Law Firm Resilience in a Crisis” series

It hasn’t taken long for the statement that we live in unprecedented times to become a universal cliché – Covid-19 and the resulting financial crisis is impacting all businesses far and wide and it will certainly get worse before it gets better.

As consultants who work in the legal industry, located in multiple countries and continents and already building up a stock of real-life, often hands-on, experience of this uniquely challenging period, the Edge International team have an opportunity to observe, compare and consolidate what we see across the legal world.

Our “Law Firm Resilience in a Crisis” series of papers is the evolving output of that process. We have identified a number of topics that are at the top of the crisis agenda for legal leaders and will report on these, one-by-one, weekly from early April. We may well revisit some of the topics, as the crisis and recession develop and as we start to gauge the effect of different strategies. Part One focuses on Financial Resilience.

Edge International colleagues have also kicked-off a companion thread on “Remote Working” in the legal industry, and we will regularly cross-refer between these streams.

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