Alternative In-House Hangout #1 Survey

During each of our Alternative Hangout sessions we pose a series of survey questions to participants. At our first In-House session we heard from the following speakers:

At each session we pose a number of survey questions to our audience. Here is what we asked them and how they responded:

1. What impact will the accelerated adoption of technology during the lockdown have on the number of people employed in corporate legal teams in the next year?

The majority (69%) of attendees responded that about the same number of people will be employed in-house going forward. 25% of responses indicated the belief that few people would be employed in-house and 6% of those surveyed said that more people would be employed in corporate legal teams in the next year.

Throughout the course of the hour long seminar there was a clear consensus from attendees, who included GCs, Legal Directors, CLOs, CIOs, that the future for corporate legal teams was a positive one despite the current global pandemic.


2. Do you think that in-house legal teams will maintain the momentum on technology innovation once the lockdown ends?

At all our Alternative Events technology and innovation is a key feature and one many legal teams strive to embrace.

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