Digital Maturity in Professional Services: Where Your Organisation Sits, and How to Advance

An exclusive webinar with My Future Cloud, Board plus a special guest speaker

In turbulent times, it’s more important than ever that Professional Services organisations adopt new technologies and processes that enable their decision-makers to act more agilely. These technologies can vastly improve proactive planning and reporting, providing a holistic view of potential business risks and market opportunities.

But many organisations struggle with understanding how digitally mature they are, and, as a result, have little idea of the value a digital transformation would provide their business.

Speaking in this exclusive webinar on Thursday, 30th April at 15:00David Emuan, Commercial & Strategy Director at My Future Cloud, and Deborah Chantler, Professional Services Lead at Board International, are joined by special guest Tanbir Jasimuddin, Finance Director (Interim) at Vardags, where they will discuss digital maturity within the Professional Services industry.

Through the course of the session, you’ll learn how organisations like yours can map where they are on the digital maturity curve, the guiding principles you need to follow to implement a successful digital transformation, and why it’s crucial that decision-makers drive an internal culture shift.

The webinar will also cover:

  • How decision-makers can drive a shift in mindset and culture
  • Why projects fail – and how to prevent it
  • The “transformation ecosystem”
  • How to turn data into information, and then innovation

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