Communicating with furloughed employees

In this report read some top tips from Magenta for communicating with furloughed employees.

Furlough. Most of us had never used the word before Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s launch in March of the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Now it’s the word on everyone’s lips as thousands of employers across the country take advantage of the opportunity to place some of their people on temporary leave with the Government funding a proportion of their salary.

Although it’s clear from the guidance that furloughed employees can’t do any work for their organisations, they don’t have to sit twiddling their thumbs under lockdown. Many will feel bewildered and anxious about the situation and leaving them to their own devices will only make them feel abandoned.

Most of these employees will return to their old jobs once the Coronavirus pandemic has passed, lockdowns are lifted and the economy starts recovering. So it’s essential that employers maintain a good relationship with their teams during this uncertain period.

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