COVID-19 – Kim Technologies Response

Helping Corporate Legal Departments of all Sizes
Manage Remote Working Teams in Challenging Times

Responding to the global disruption of ‘business-as-usual’ for in-house legal departments, today Kim Technologies announces the immediate availability of its plug-and-play Kim Legal Assistant, at no cost to Corporate Legal Departments until 31 December 2020.

What problems does it solve?

It facilitates effective remote working and team collaboration, the allocation and re-assignment of matters/cases, resource management, prioritisation of work and matter/case visibility. It helps GCs, Chief Legal Officers and Legal Team members answer the questions – what work do we have, where has it come from, what impact does it have on the business, and what should we prioritise, who is working on it (internally and externally), where is it in the process, why did we close it?

What functionality does it provide?

It allows legal teams, in one Platform, to (i) allocate matters/cases, (ii) attach documents, (iii) re-assign matters/cases, (iv) track the progress of all work through matter/case statuses, (v) monitor matter/case close reasons, (vi) make notes, (vii) send emails and (viii) view live and trend matter/case dashboards (from an overview of all matters/cases and their business impact to those being handled by an individual team member – see screen shots below).

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