If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll have breezed through the scattering of your workforce as you perfectly executed your well-rehearsed Business Continuity Plan. If you weren’t so lucky, you would have had a scramble for available laptops, or strived to work out how you were going to allow a smorgasbord of devices on to your carefully guarded network. Either way, we are now well into the incredibly surreal new normal ways of working thanks to Covid-19.

The way we all work has now changed forever, in just 2 short weeks. Once considered a luxury for partners and senior management, working at home is now essential. At some time during the summer, the pandemic will be spent having ravaged our healthcare system and economy. You’re then going to have the tricky task of managing the aspect of business continuity that most DR plans don’t cover – how to fail back to the old ways of working.

Once upon a time, our enemy was the cybercriminal, who wanted to intercept transactions to plunder our client’s cash. Or the script-kiddie, locked up in his bedroom, capturing your every key stroke and selling your carefully hashed passwords on to the highest bidder. You’d have spent thousands of pounds implementing solutions to keep these threat actors on the other side of your perimeter.

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