This article has been updated as of March 25th to include a link to the Tribe Tech Podcast which covers the key issues discussed below. You can listen to the podcast here:

It is important that organisations remember that the decisions they make now will have consequences beyond the immediate situation. Taking a step back and assessing the long-term impact of decisions can be tricky when dealing with crisis, but it is essential for the future health of the organisation.

Following the steps below will help to ensure that your business survives in the short term and thrives in the long term.

1. When asking staff to work remotely from home, or otherwise minimise face-to-face work, in addition to the employment law aspects (which our employment team can assist with if required) there are key issues around data protection and data security.

To help, we are providing free privacy impact assessment (PIA) templates where you are rolling out remote working. For businesses that have not sorted their GDPR fundamentals, we still recommend you still complete a PIA but, to help on your journey to compliance, we are also providing a free data mapping tool and guidance note.

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