Happy Hour goes online!

Thanks to the internet, social-isolation doesn’t have to be as lonely as you might think; with remote working now commonplace for all of our team, last week we all turned to platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom to maintain connectivity.

As a sociable Firm it was the perfect occasion for Reuben (Director of Data Analytics) to dust off his quiz-master skills and run an all-firm social on Friday at 5pm. The only rule? Wear a hat, any hat! We’d encourage as many of our Ecovis team as possible to tune in on Friday for the 2nd instalment.

On a serious note, the trick to maintaining the feeling of proximity in the face of distance lies in maintaining the strong bonds that we all have with our co-workers. And building those bonds is often a matter of frequent small interactions. Being remote means that you have to think a bit more creatively as to how best you can structure those communications with your team and of course our clients, not forgetting family and friends. That might be a morning team briefing via Microsoft teams, an interactive Skype cash-flow planning session with a client, or perhaps an evening glass of something over Zoom with your besties.

It’s also too tempting to sit at home in your pyjamas or leisure wear, but it’s important to feel yourself and if that means a hair wash, a bit of make-up/fresh shave and an outfit that makes you feel good, then so be it!

There’s no harm in “dressing up” for your interactions, in fact you might find it helps lift your mood that little bit more. In the same way as there is no harm in sitting in joggers and turning on the video capability when catching up with your Manager – we’re all encouraging the video “switch on” mode as a well to really check-in with each other.

So, whilst with are amid coronavirus-mandated social distancing, remember to prioritise your mental health and don’t hide yourself away from view 🙂

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