Thanks to the internet, social-isolation doesn’t have to be as lonely as you might think; with remote working now commonplace for all of our team, last week we all turned to platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom to maintain connectivity.

As a sociable Firm it was the perfect occasion for Reuben (Director of Data Analytics) to dust off his quiz-master skills and run an all-firm social on Friday at 5pm. The only rule? Wear a hat, any hat! We’d encourage as many of our Ecovis team as possible to tune in on Friday for the 2nd instalment.

On a serious note, the trick to maintaining the feeling of proximity in the face of distance lies in maintaining the strong bonds that we all have with our co-workers. And building those bonds is often a matter of frequent small interactions. Being remote means that you have to think a bit more creatively as to how best you can structure those communications with your team and of course our clients, not forgetting family and friends. That might be a morning team briefing via Microsoft teams, an interactive Skype cash-flow planning session with a client, or perhaps an evening glass of something over Zoom with your besties.

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