With daily updates from the Government regarding the coronavirus, we have put together guidance for both businesses and individuals to help mitigate risk and avoid disruption.

Where can I find information?

The Government publishes daily updates which you can find via this link. It is worth keeping a close eye on these as the situation is evolving quickly.

Acas has also published a useful specific workplace guide, which you can find here.

What should your business be thinking about?


The full answer to this question depends on your particular circumstances and the risk profile of the business. However, as a minimum, you need to monitor the position and treat the duty of care you owe to protect the health and safety of your staff as paramount. This applies in the workplace but also where remote working is implemented. You should communicate regularly with staff to inform them of the steps being taken and to reassure them that contingency plans are in place.

You should encourage staff to be cautious and ensure they are following best practice hygiene requirements (e.g. washing hands, disposing of tissues and using antiseptic wipes and hand gels etc).

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