Adapt & Change.

Lock down is an opportunity like never before for personal growth. You may not like it (I certainly don’t). You can either whinge, moan & groan OR put your creative hat on.

I choose the latter.

In doing this, you will discover resources & ideas that you had never explored before.

You will become stronger, more resilient & better able to handle life’s challenges.

As a nation we will become tougher, more robust & connect.

Will there be some fall out?

Yes there will.

Will there still be those who behave appallingly?

Yes there will.

Do NOT focus on them.

Focus on what you can do to elevate yourself.

For example, I’m used to going to the gym 5 times a week. As a person who lives and works on my own, it’s my life-line physically, emotionally and socially. Since my gym closed on Friday evening, I adapted my routine by going out running, something I haven’t done for years.

This morning, it was all change again. So I decided to run around my block of flats 10 times, followed up with weights and abs.

Did it test my mettle? You bet!

Much tougher than having the support of a gym.

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