Don’t let covid-19 stop you from getting your true worth

There was never a better time!

I really didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon and talk about COVID-19. I do not want to appear sensationalist and certainly believe that we all have a responsibility to look after ourselves and, as a result, each other, by following medical advice.

As I sat musing this, taking best advice and putting it into action, it brought me to a realisation. This was backed by a couple of conversations with leaders in accountancy practices, but is just as relevant to other professional service firms, where we discussed how to ensure that they were going to continue to get their true worth, despite challenging conditions and when the pressure is on to deliver work, continue to bill and to collect cash to run the business.

COVID-19 probably won’t kill you yet ….

One of the potential hazards of living through a ‘crisis’ as this seems to have turned into, is that fear is rife. When vast quantities of fear are being pumped out into the atmosphere, it spreads like wildfire.

So, if you are feeling fearful, it is likely to lead to decision-making and behaviours that are fear-based, which means that you run the risk of killing your business.

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Vanessa Ugatti

Vanessa Ugatti

The True Worth Expert
Vanessa Ugatti, author of Amazon Best Seller, True Worth: How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It helps lawyers and accountants generate more income ethically, without having to get more clients, do more work or compromise value or values while helping them to create a favourable work-life balance.