You’ve had the beauty parade and been through the procurement process. Now it’s time to make sure your carefully selected practice management system (PMS) can deliver on all that it promises.

Martin Kay, PMS project management specialist at Lights-On Consulting and former in-house project manager at Burges Salmon LLP, explains how law firms can ensure their new PMS adds real value from day one.

Envision (formerly LawSoft), Enterprise, Artiion, and Avenue – if your firm is running on any of these PMS platforms you will no doubt be aware that it is approaching ‘end of life’ – in other words that it will no longer be supported by the software provider at some point in the near future.

Whether your PMS is nearing end of life or your firm has made a strategic decision to change / upgrade, procuring and implementing a new system can require deep breaths as well as deep pockets!

Selecting a new practice management system is of course the first part of the jigsaw and many law firms opt to bring in a specialist legal IT consultancy to help with the process, yet neglect the all-important implementation phase.

Getting value from day one

At Lights-On we are regularly called in to help law firms that are struggling to get value from their new technology.

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