Part 2: Lawyers and change – highlights from the Alternative In-House Technology Summit

Highlights from the Alternative In-House Technology Summit 2020.

This is Part 2 of a series of three articles covering the key content, for me, from this year’s event, held on 3-4 February 2020.

Part 1:   How to develop a culture for change and innovation.
Part 2:   Lawyers and change.
Part 3:   How to embed change and innovation successfully.

Theme 2: Lawyers and change

Part 2 of this series of articles must be credited to Susan Hackett of Legal Executive Leadership, LLC, who gave a riveting and highly entertaining presentation on why the phrase ‘lawyers and change’ is an oxymoron, and how companies can deploy seven tactics to help lawyers change. I should say that the image choices are mine, love them or loathe them.

Key highlights for me from Susan’s keynote speech were as follows:

  • It doesn’t matter what we do technologically if the people don’t get it or don’t use it or don’t use it as intended or to its full extent.
  • Repeating a point that has been made for a fair few years now, Susan made a heartfelt plea to the legal profession to please, please, please stop referring to ‘lawyers’ and ‘non-lawyers’.

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Sarah Barrett-Vane

Sarah Barrett-Vane

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