Modern workplace trends

The modern workplace has clearly transformed significantly in recent years, and the pace of change only seems to be picking up, Leon Deakin, Head of Coffin Mew’s technology sector explores what employers need to consider to keep up.

We are constantly bombarded with predictions that technology is going to revolutionise the way we live and how we work. In fact I can’t remember the last seminar or presentation I attended where the rise of AI was not mentioned in some form or another with the now inevitable accompanying warning that professional service firms along with everyone else must adapt quickly or be cast into the abyss.

As a massive advocate of technology and innovation I have been tempted to simply parrot these messages, adding my own spin or take to anyone who will listen. However, through engaging with our own business (our staff) and those we engage with externally (our clients and contacts), I am always reminded that people must and should always come first. In my opinion any new technology, new models or methods of working can only truly work if they make a genuine difference to the people affected. This rule applies whatever sector you are in.

For example, if your staff and clients see no real benefit flowing from the latest gadget it is effectively just a white elephant!

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Leon Deakin

Leon Deakin

Coffin Mew
Leon is the head of the employment team at Coffin Mew, providing practical, solution focussed advice on all aspects of employment law and HR to a wide range of businesses and individuals. He also leads the firm’s cross practice technology sector team who help fast growth/scale up businesses and large companies in the tech sector with all their legal issues.