Highlights from the Alternative In-House Technology Summit 3-4 February 2020

One conference I never miss is Alternative Event’s legal technology conference, held every February since 2017 and now in its fourth consecutive successful year.

This year the content can, I think, be split into three distinct themes, and we plan to publish one article each week following each of these themes:

  1. How to develop a culture for change and innovation.
  2. Lawyers and change.
  3. How to embed change and innovation successfully.

Theme 1: How to develop a culture for change and innovation 

Part 1 of this series of articles can largely be credited to Luke Battye of Sprint Valley, who gave a very energetic and illuminating presentation on how companies can develop a culture for change and innovation. It was very different to the content we are all so familiar with from various legal conferences – more akin to what you might read about in a HBR article. But then, Steve and SK do like to keep the audience on their toes at their conferences – one of the reasons this event has been a ‘must do’ in my calendar since its first year.

The title of Luke’s talk was ‘Behavioural science masterclass: Developing and embedding a culture of innovation’.

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Sarah Barrett-Vane

Sarah Barrett-Vane

SBV Consulting