There is so much focus around “innovation” in the professional services industry at the moment, and I have written about many of the challenges with this. These include the technologies people are exploring, the methods being used, the changing needs of clients or the way in which collaboration has an essential role to play. Arguably though this all counts for nothing if the technology in question is not deployed effectively and successfully adopted by the end user.

Over the previous months numerous people have contributed articles around this topic exploring the different aspects from law, accounting, property and in-house. What I can say with certainty having reviewed them all is that there is more consensus on approaches and importance than any other topic. Rather than link across to the many excellent articles which I would encourage you to read, instead I will draw out ten takeaways from across the articles, adding my own perspectives and challenges to each.

Takeaway 1: Always start and end with the user

It sounds so obvious and yet it is so often overlooked. Involving the end user in the process right from the outset will ensure that they are bought into the need to change.

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