Stephanie Richards, Legal Management Consultant at Duff & Phelps, gives the inside track on working with technology vendors…

The world has most certainly changed in the last few years. Legal Technology is cool (finally!!) and the market is flooded with vendors offering more and more innovative products. With this explosion of choice and quality, comes the task of navigating the market to find the right product to meet your organization’s needs. The good news is, there is a lot vendors can do to make this task easier.

Arguably one of the biggest changes seen in the legal profession recently is in attitudes to technology and the support it can provide. Once seen as a necessary evil to satisfy management and record keeping, technology is more and more seen as an enabler and a tool to increase efficiency. For in house teams in particular, in times gone by it was not unusual for a couple of key points of contact to liaise with the IT team and perhaps a year or more later the resulting system would be ‘revealed’ to the wider legal team. However, today’s legal professional is much more interested in being part of the journey. They are aware of technologies on the market, attending conferences like Legal Geek and CLOC, talking to their peers about vendors and actively want to be involved in the process of choosing legal technology.

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