Ensuring technology investment delivers change effectively and sustainably

Reuben Barry, Director & Head of Data Analytics at Ecovis, makes the argument for a dedicated project team to ensure successful technology enablement, adoption and buy-in around the business…

Across the professional services, it’s clear from some cursory research that there are many job titles containing the word “innovation”, a trend that has been emerging in recent years. Future-focussed firms have been seeking to formalise their efforts in redefining their services, adopting new technologies and ultimately staying ahead of the curve by appointing people dedicated to the pursuit of innovation.

At Ecovis we are one of many such firms who have done so for the last few years. Of a small number of defined areas of focus, one has been the effective use of technology in all areas of our service offerings both in terms of internal configuration and in terms of client experience.

So far, so normal! In taking our initial steps to make a range of improvements to our systems and processes, even the smallest changes informed us that we have a challenge to ensure adoption of the new at expense from the old. We are all comfortable in successfully carrying out our work with known processes and familiar systems and it will take more than a simple instruction from “on high” to ensure that the “new normal” is adopted.

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Reuben Barry

Reuben Barry

Ecovis Wingrave Yeats
Reuben is Head of Data Analytics at ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats and has been pioneering the firm’s Data Analytics service offering. Allying his commercial experience with a background in Physics and a specialism in data mining applications, he is well placed to understand and identify both the business problems at hand and their analytical solutions.