Award for IT sourcing project in utilities

London based consultancy firm Coeus Consulting has won an award for helping Electricity North West reshape its IT sourcing model and enabling the Warrington headquartered utilities company to deliver next-generation services. Electricity North West increasingly needed a range of digital skills across its business functions but existing contract models weren’t viable. Coeus Consulting introduced an innovative sourcing strategy designed to meet the particular requirements of digital projects and helped its client draw up a contract with three different suppliers in a move that highlighted agility and flexibility. The strategy overseen by Coeus has delivered a 33% reduction of supplier rates for key digital skills, or savings of €20m based on projected work. John Gorrell, head of sourcing at Coeus Consulting, said: “The work we delivered for Electricity North West demonstrates the enormous pressure being put on organisations and their IT departments to deliver next-generation services to customers. It is a great example of how an innovative approach to sourcing can play an integral part in this.”

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