Making the most of data analytics in real estate and property

A few weeks ago, Reuben Barry (our Director of Data Analytics) and I spent a day and a half attending a new event for us – the Alternative Real Estate and Property Technology Summit in Hertfordshire. This unique event attracts CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors and technology professionals ranging from architects, developers, real estate investment companies, landlords, estate managers, and property consultants to name a few!

As an innovation leader within the professional services space, Reuben was invited to introduce perspectives from beyond the real estate and property sector. In his presentation, he was asked specifically how he’s dealt with a key problem facing the property industry – making the most of data analytics. Reuben presented a range of case studies which demonstrated the variety of applications of data analytics and the solutions they provide from a diversity of sectors.

The presentations piqued the audience members’ interest and from listening to other talks and speaking with many of the attendees, data analytics is clearly a ‘hot topic’ right now in the industry. It’s fair to say, that whilst data analytics has been embraced and is fully embedded within other industries, such as retail, aerospace or manufacturing, its adoption within this professional services space has been much slower.

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