New business models in the consulting industry

A research paper from Sioo identifies three new business models in the consulting industry: collaborative consulting, continuous consulting, and instant consulting. Collaboration consulting can help companies develop new propositions quickly by sourcing knowledge from other firms; continuous consulting, which centres around data analytics and subscriptions, involves the use of new tools or processes to accelerate the delivery of new services to existing clients, so generating recurring revenues in the process; and instant consulting sees consultants demonstrate their value to the client from the earliest opportunity, so enabling them to gain an early advantage on rivals. Former Sioo professional Professor Ard-Pieter de Man observes: “It is not easy for consultants to navigate a rapidly changing world. That is why it remains important to stay in touch with developments in the sector. With this large scale, in-depth look into business model innovation, we hope to help consultants in forming their strategy in the area of business model innovation and to give them some insight into the most recent developments in the industry.”

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