The General Counsel as a Business Enabler

The journey from being the custodian of legal documentation to having a seat at the table of strategy discussions requires a Business Enabling GC. Adeola Adebonojo explores how the GC of today can emerge from the shadows of the support business function into the light, placing them at the heart of the business’s strategic operation…

Whether you are a first time or seasoned General Counsel (GC), you know that applying the law and mitigating your company’s risk is a basic requirement of any legal department and in turn its leadership mandate.

However, the days of those requirements being your team’s main purpose are long gone. The GC of today wants the legal team to “add value” and no longer wishes it to be seen as a mere cost centre and support function. The big question, however, is how does the GC of today emerge from the shadows of the support business function into the light, where he or she is at the heart of the business’s strategic operation?

Having spent the last seven years of my career in a legal leadership role (including being GC for a private equity portfolio). I emerged acutely aware that for a GC to flourish and to be much more than the head of a support function, the GC needs to bring a lot more to the table than legal education and training affords us.

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Adeola Adebonojo

Adeola Adebonojo

Experienced General Counsel I Business Enabler I Mentor I 2016 Outstanding Lawyer in the City (The Law List)
Adeola is an experienced international General Counsel and business advisor with substantial experience within IT and Telecoms infrastructure services space. She has led a team of lawyers in the UK, Europe and internationally where she was responsible for the group legal function including fund raising, M&A complex negotiations and stakeholder management. She recently completed an executive MBA from HEC Paris and is featured in the 2016 UK Powerlist of outstanding lawyers in the City (the Law List).