At Coffin Mew, we are currently in the training and customisation stage of our Horizon project, which will see the roll out of a brand new practice management system in 2020. As part of the project, we have also selected and developed a suite of applications exactly tailored to the needs of different teams and clients. This is all very exciting, and we’ve achieved enthusiastic engagement with our staff and other stakeholders.

But what’s new is always more exciting than what is already in place. Not every business is in a position to overhaul its IT and we ourselves also have plenty of specialist systems which will continue, even with Horizon. So, how can a business get the best out of its existing technology?

The starting point is a bold assertion: you definitely can get more out of your existing technology.

This is due to several, if not all, of the following reasons:

  • No matter how carefully the technology was assessed and selected in the first place, your business has moved on and changed; as have your customers and suppliers.
  • Users were not adequately trained at the outset. The IT team weren’t always made clear about the detailed day-to-day workflows the technology was applied to.

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