The biggest payroll tech fails and how bureaux can fix them

Traditional payroll systems have not been built specifically for the bureau market, and require copious manual entry, duplication of efforts, excessive spreadsheets and back and forth emails needed for even the smallest changes to the pay run. On average, bureau payroll managers use six systems before they start processing the pay run across expenses, leave, time and attendance, rota management, and document management etc. Not only does this generate extra work on behalf of the payroll processor to match up the data, but it also adds significant costs to the bureau, paying for each system, as well as someone to maintain those systems. An all-in-one package can streamline the process and reduce costs; by leveraging technology to automate processes, and ‘outsource the outsourcing’ to a comprehensive payroll solution that integrates with their existing cloud accounting software, businesses will find themselves in a far better position to grow.

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