Management consultants face up to automation

Management consultants and business analysts are estimated to be at a medium level of risk from automation, according to research undertaken by The Access Group based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). No sector is at less than a 20% risk of automation, according to the ONS data, with consultants estimated as being at a 27.09% risk from automation. At this ‘medium-risk’ level, the work of consultants was reckoned to be more automation-friendly than the work of architectural technologists, librarians and opticians, and was among the 20 roles most at risk from disruption in the survey’s ‘professional occupations’ category. The Access Group said in a statement accompanying the release of the data: “Automation and new technology are changing the very nature of many jobs. The good news is that . . . by 2037, widespread adoption of AI could generate more jobs in the UK than it displaces. But every workforce needs to be more agile, and there will be an emphasis on companies to recruit and develop workforces with high levels of learning agility. Invest in people management skills, as this won’t be replaced . . . Ask what skills will be useful in the future and make these integral to your business. To make sure automation makes you irreplaceable, you’ll need to plan ahead and be proactive.”

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