Technology Enablement with Costas Koureas, IT Director at MAPP

The perennial challenge to drive efficiency and ‘do more with less’ has made utilising technology for business advantage top of the agenda. In the last five years alone, the breadth of technologies available to professional services firms has grown rapidly and has the potential to completely transform the working world. However, the complexity of the landscape and the ability to successfully navigate and embed the ever-evolving multitude of technology options remains a major challenge.

Throughout the months of December and January, Alternative Insights will look through the lens of those involved in technology enablement, initially exploring the challenges of gaining business buy-in from within the property sector when it comes to technology investment, with Costas Koureas, IT Director at MAPP…

The conversation around IT being the business and the business being IT has been a subject at conferences, networking events and roundtables over the past five years and I firmly believe that this subject will continue to be further explored in the future. Although there has certainly been a blending of the two, I’m in no doubt that the provision of much of what is provided of the expected fundamentals such as email, file sharing and access to the internet, all on an enterprise scale, whilst considered critical to business operationally, remain almost solely the domain of the IT department.

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Costas Koureas

Costas Koureas

Costas is IT Director at MAPP and joined the MAPP IT team in August 2009, and worked in a number of different roles before moving to head up the team in 2015. In his time at MAPP Costas has overseen a number of major upgrades and changes to MAPP systems and services, and has built up a track record of delivering large transformation projects on time and in budget