At the recent Alternative Legal Management Summit a ‘Samoan Circle’ discussion was held about collaboration, its limits, how it works in practice and the achievable benefits. I found it interesting to see who recognised the themes, knew the answers and were first to join the discussions – it was the Managing Partners from the Law South Group, where the collaboration dates to 1988.

Today Law South, an invitation only collaborative group, which is owned by the 12 member firms represents over 2,700 staff (of which over 1,600 are lawyers) and a GFI of £200m+ with a range of £8-£38m. The office spread is from Cornwall to Essex and up to Buckinghamshire.

The group is centred on core commitments to confidentiality, ethics, etc. that have been established to unlock the power of sharing ideas, knowhow and experience. But the core economic ‘glue’ is the risk and insurance programme where the joint commitment to high standards, owning a captive insurance company and broking all firms to the market together brings unparalleled coverage and value to all members.

With Teal Compliance as a strategic partner all firms are driving ever higher standards. The good habits of networking and collaboration extend to all areas of the business including Finance, IT, Marketing &

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