It’s a new world of new skills at PwC

PwC is rolling out a training initiative that it hopes will upskill its 276,000 employees in the midst of the digital workforce revolution. New World, New Skills, as the program is known, begins with a digital acumen assessment and then helps workers customize their own learning paths. Employees have access to a one-stop shop of courses, skill-building experiences and more. “The digital quest is layered [and] starts with foundational knowledge across a wide variety of topics we all need to understand . . . bots, RPA, coding, blockchain, drones, agile, etc for the 21st century,” said Mike Fenlon, chief people officer at PwC US. In addition to fast-track learning, PwC offers digital academies: one-and-a-half day learning experiences on topics like data analytics, visualization automation tech, building bots and more.

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