Coadjute works with housing associations to make construction safer and more transparent

UK proptech start-up Coadjute is partnering with a number of housing associations to develop a blockchain platform that will increase safety, efficiency and accountability in housing construction. Quality Chain is a workflow application that unifies all stakeholders, including  architects, developers, clients and subcontractors, on a single project track to ensure no decisions or details go amiss. John Reynolds, CEO and founder of Coadjute, said: “Blockchain provides the opportunity to unify, simplify and validate every stage in an otherwise complex process and create a trusted, immutable record, which all parties contribute to and agree.” Matthew Gardiner, head of ideation at L&Q, one of the housing associations involved in the initiative, said: “Quality Chain provides a method for all organisations involved in development to come to an agreement on any obligation, statement of work, deliverable or document providing a ‘single source of the truth’ as a basis for improving workflow management and efficiency. Its potential to improve quality and cut costs is significant.”

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