Collaboration Focus: Creating a culture of collaboration for competitive advantage

Is everybody in the Legal Sector collaborating now? And what does it actually mean?

Client expectation in the legal market over how problems can be solved is changing, Working in traditional silos is becoming a block to evolving at a fast enough pace to react to those market dynamics. Law has been somewhat shielded from the levels of disruption seen in other industries and sectors, but the pressure is building. Ignoring the need to collaborate with clients, across practice areas, business functions and (daringly) with each other, only leaves the door open for those that do, states Rae of Wilson Fletcher.

The term ‘collaboration’ is in danger of overuse in the legal sector – and yet few clients or lawyers can point to collaborative efforts that have changed anything to lasting effect. Where clients are still frustrated and internal projects that bring different skill sets together are rare, efforts to collaborate effectively still appear to be floundering.

In this current era, what does collaboration mean for law and how do you go about it?

It’s human nature to stick to what we know

If we consider that the lawyer has traditionally occupied a position of authoritative knowledge, as a safe pair of hands, it is understandable that moving into a place of uncertainty is tough.

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Rae Digby Morgan

Rae Digby Morgan

Wilson Fletcher
Rae Digby-Morgan is an experienced innovation consultant and product development leader with Wilson Fletcher, a business innovation consultancy. The work led by Rae drives innovation and efficiency for organisations through digital service strategy and user-centred design. Rae’s specialism is innovation and design in the legal sector from a background in legal tech. Rae has over 15 years experience in leading product strategy, roadmapping and service design programmes and works closely with client teams to deliver on commercial goals through organisational and digital innovation, collaboration and championing great user experiences.