Being in charge of a business network has never been easy, what with demands from BAU, delivering projects as well as gazing in to your crystal ball to anticipate future trends in technology that you should adopt and those you should steer well clear of! However over the last five years a nasty new worry has appeared on all our radars, that of cybercrime. The proliferation of people out to disrupt, damage or steal from the business you’re entrusted to protect has mushroomed due to the ever increasing connectivity of the modern world.

The legal sector that I work in has been heavily targeted as the cyber criminals realise the potential profits from going after a Law Firm, here at TWM Solicitors I have to protect a business spread over seven sites with a workforce that can deal with virtually any kind of work meaning that clients are constantly sending over a range of weird and wonderful email attachments and that doesn’t include the fact that many of my colleagues work far too long in to the night from a variety of remote locations and need to do so securely from both our internal and cloud based apps.

I needed to tackle this problem, a security system that was constantly kept up to date, could report back to me instantly anything that didn’t look “quite right” right across my network and had the speed of learning to counter the AI tools which cyber criminals often have had their fingertips.

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