Collaboration Focus: Utilising technology as a Collaboration enabler in improving the customer experience

It would be reasonable to think in the 24/7 instant access culture of today that we would all be masters of successful collaboration. With a myriad of technology, collaboration has never been easier. And yet, many organisations and more broadly, industries, are challenged to achieve it.

The conveyancing industry serves as a good example of a sector that is split in its success to improve collaboration. Some players in the market are making truly worthy headway to overcome the numerous collaboration-related challenges they face, but others are lagging way behind. The typical Conveyancing Transaction involves a myriad of parties including the estate agents, lender, valuer, solicitors, insurers, search providers, local authorities, Landy Registry and of course let’s not forget – the seller and buyer themselves. All these participants need to collaborate with each other in some form or another to achieve a successful outcome and to share common sets of data. Technology facilitates this collaboration and with advanced case management systems, integration with third parties such as search providers, local authorities, the Land Registry and complementary technology providers, has enabled those willing to adopt it the opportunity to deliver a more cost, time and labour efficient transaction. The use of these technologies to share information with clients has improved the customer experience significantly.

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Simon Farthing

Simon Farthing

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions
Simon Farthing is Commercial and Marketing Director at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. Simon has worked in the legal sector for more than twenty years, both as a practicing Lawyer and a Technology Specialist. Leading the Go-To-Market (GTM) function at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions with overall responsibility for the Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Sales Operations & Client Engagement Teams, Simon is responsible for ensuring that we develop and enhance our customer relationships and grow our presence within our chosen markets, helping our valued clients gain greater value from their investment with us.